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Somos Innovations

Upcoming SOMOS Innovation Community Events

View upcoming SOMOS Innovation Community Events. Contact us to learn more or to register for virtual sessions.

September 21: St. Barnabas Hospital Lunch & Learn

Virtual session, 12 p.m.

September 22: Elder Plan & Stellar Coding Seminar

Virtual session, 6 p.m.

September 24: In the Community Emblem Health Expo

Contact Samira Almonte – Community Engagement Coordinator
James A. Bland Playground in Flushing
40 Rd. between Prince St. and Main St.
Flushing, NY 11354
11:00 am – 4:00 pm

September 28: Healthfirst Redesign Quality App Training

Virtual session, 6 p.m.

October 5 – October 9: CME Medical Symposium Fall 2022

Madrid, Spain

October 20: SOMOS Innovation Virtual Meeting

Virtual session, 6 p.m.