Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Billing and EMR Optimization

EMR Optimization

Are you spending too much time running your practice and not enough time caring for your patients? SOMOS has developed multiple options that are designed to help your practice improve revenue cycle outcomes.

Targeted Revenue Cycle Management Support

SOMOS provides a strategically targeted billing expert to help your practice improve quality and diagnostic data capture via encounter accuracy. We can work side-by-side with your resources, or take a more independent role based on your preference.

SOMOS Coding Supports

Are you having difficulty accurately coding your encounters? SOMOS offers support for practices that will improve the accuracy of your encounter coding, as well as help avoid EDI and MCO rejections.

EHR Optimization Supports

Have you had any support to evaluate and periodically update needed system settings within your EHR to align to quality and risk adjustment requirements? CPT and ICD coding changes quarterly, and MCO quality reporting requirements and incentive programs changing annually. Let SOMOS help make sure your EHR is configured to appropriately align to these programs and coding requirements by leveraging our EHR Optimization services.

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