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Discounts for SOMOS Member Practices Through MDLand

As a Provider in one of SOMOS Independent Practice Associations (“IPAs”) you are being offered a discount to receive MDLand’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). MDLand is a leading electronic health record (EHR) platform focused on assisting physicians to adopt and succeed in the value-based program via digital transformation.

This special discount package includes:

  • Free data conversion from your existing EHR, free training, and free implementation
  • The first four months of software licensing costs
  • Extended services, including onsite services
  • Competitive rates for all levels of providers

If you would like to learn more about MDLand and this offer, please visit

For additional details and to pursue this discount, you may contact Arvind Persaud, Accounts Manager at or via phone at 646-670-8994. Mention that you are a participating provider of one of the SOMOS IPAs.

The EHR product will be implemented as a multi-tenant instance of MDLand and includes with it a seamless integration that supports bi-directional data transfer with SOMOS’s Management Services Organization to support improved data transfer to help you, among other services, improve patient health outcomes through timely reminders of gaps in care and clinical reminders. As you are aware, SOMOS value-based IPAs require data access with your EHR already. This model of EHR interoperability will simply improve our ability to provide the services already in place as well as new features and minimize technical maintenance by the practice.

This unique opportunity is being offered to you by the cofounder of MDLand, Dr. Henry Chen, who is a Board Member of SOMOS Innovation and a participating provider in our IPAs.

*Corinthian Medical IPA, Inc. Excelsior Medical IPA, PLLC, Eastern Chinese American Physician IPA, Inc., SOMOS Your Health IPA, Inc, Balance Medical IPA, Inc., SOMOS ACO LLC, Balance ACO LLC and SOMOS IPA LLC.

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