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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

SOMOS Innovation partners with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and Emblem Health to support smooth claims/encounters processing. We encourage providers to submit claims electronically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 

Payer IDs route EDI transactions to the appropriate payer. Please ensure you are using the corresponding Payor ID for Empire and Emblem listed below. Payer IDs must match the member’s health plan affiliation on the date of service or your claims will be rejected.

Electronic Data Interchange EDI Electronic Data Interchange EDI

New to EDI:
If you are interested in submitting electronically, contact your EDI software vendor or the Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon) Provider Support Line at (800) 845-6592 to arrange transmission. 

Note: SOMOS maintains claims processing procedures designed to comply with the requirements of government-sponsored health benefits programs, and applicable state and/or federal laws, rules, and/or regulations.